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Queen Bee Coffee Company

Assorted Coffee Starter 5 Pack

Assorted Coffee Starter 5 Pack

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Don't settle for "big box" store coffee. Slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy the taste of intentionally sourced and locally roasted coffee. 

Join the Queen Bee Coffee family with our Starter Sample Pack! This is the absolute best way to enjoy our best sellers. I know you love the best coffee because you are here. Buy this now! 

Each Starter Sample Kit includes FIVE 2.25 ounce portion packs of coffee. Each pouch is enough coffee to brew a 48 oz pot of coffee or a couple of brews using your favorite single serve brew method - pour-over, french press, etc. This will allow you to experience Queen Bee Coffee in several different brew methods! 

Let's make this offer even better with FREE SHIPPING on this item! 

Note: Limit ONE sample pack per customer. 

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