New Customer Wholesale

Are you a business, cafe or organization looking for coffee that will never fail you, tastes way better than any other option, doesn't break the bank and leaves you feeling great because you get incredible customer service and are part of a passionate group of people making a difference around the world?  Queen Bee Coffee is YOUR partner for all this and more! 

If I do say so myself... and I think I will... it's pretty spectacular to be a partner with Queen Bee Coffee! Our coffees are best in class and will make your cafe, business or whereever you brew, the best around! 

We set you up with your own ordering portal where you can order YOUR products at YOUR prices at YOUR schedule. Place an order 24x7 and we'll get it roasted up and ready for you!

We do local delivery and shipping so if your cafe is in Miami, Portland (Maine or Oregon) or anywhere in between, we'd love to take care of you! 

  • Wholesale - We can supply your cafe, restaurant, office and more! Custom sized portion packs based on brewing method, k-cups, etc. 
  • Private labels products - Develop your coffee with us. We'll roast and package it so you can sell it in your packaging.
  • Corporate gifts - We can do holidays or special event gifts for your clients, employees and more. Looking for a gift for that real estate or loan closing? We can do it for you! How about that wedding favor? Those are the best kinds! 
  • Fundraising coffee sales - We partner with you and use our products to raise money for your organization. We've done this for years and helped organizations raise significant amounts of money.

Drop us a note to start the conversation and we will get off the races!  

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