Working At Queen Bee Coffee Co.

First of all, we’d like to say thank you for your interest in working on our STAFF at Queen Bee Coffee Company - whether you're interested in the McDonough cafe or Forsyth cafe. We consider it an honor that you see value in our company and would want to work alongside us. You don’t really work for us but you work with us. Before you go any further, we’d like to share a few thoughts with you.

  1. We are family operated businesses. That means our family is heavily involved and deeply invested. We have high expectations of how our business will operate on a daily basis. It also means if you work with us, you become a part of our family. So there’s that….

  2. STAFF is an acronym for Serving Together And Forming Family. We function as a shop “family” and offer hospitality to every single person who comes into our little shops. No exceptions! We believe those two principles, along with a great product, are the keys to our success as a business. You need to believe in and uphold these principles at all times.
  3. This is not for sissies! We’ll be straight up with you… we work hard in these little shops of ours and we will expect the same of you. You are signing up for long hours, weekend shifts, direct contact with the public (who sometimes are just flat out cantankerous), high expectations for excellence, lots of dirty dishes and trash detail. If you are looking for some cool, slow paced job that will tolerate minimal efforts or a job to simply impress your friends, this is not the place for you.

All that said, we can promise you that if you do join our STAFF, you will laugh harder than you ever have, you’ll learn more about life, coffee & incredible food than you thought possible and you’ll definitely make your friends jealous they didn’t get to work here too. If you’re still interested, click here and complete our questionnaire that will help us get to know you just a bit. Even if we don’t immediately have any open positions, we’ll keep your answers so we’ll know who to call when the time comes.

We are humbled by your interest…. thanks again!

Alicia & Micah