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Queen Bee Coffee Company

Coffee Tasting - 2/10/2024

Coffee Tasting - 2/10/2024

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How does the way you brew a coffee affect the taste?

Why are some coffees better with different brewing methods?


You hear the coffee nerds talk about "this Ethiopian really tastes so good as a pourover" and your minds fogs up as that makes no logical sense. We are going to bust that fog, explain it all and make it all crystal cear! Join us as we curate distinctly different coffees and experience them across multiple brewing methods. 

We are breaking down the formalities of a coffee "cupping" and making it much more approachable with a coffee "tasting".

Some of the things you'll enjoy at this experience will include the following:

  • Lots of coffee and some light foods to snack on during the event.
  • Interactive discussion about coffee plant variations and why that affects taste.
  • Discussion about the science of coffee brewing.
  • Specific discussion as related to Chemex, drip brewing, French Press, Aeropress, flash brewing, cold brewing and espresso brewing.
  • Q&A throughout the whole discussion.


  • Don't skip out on breakfast or lunch on this day. You'll want some food in your belly before this journey begins. We don't want the caffeine hit your empty stomach. 
  • This is going to be a fun event! Don't be nervous or apprehensive about anything at all. We are here to talk about coffee, brewing methods and enjoy some great coffee with friends!
  • Science doesn't mean you'll be tested so don't worry about studying up. 

This event will be held at our Roastery & Cafe in Forsyth, GA -  45 North Kimbell St, Suite B, Forsyth, GA 31029

    The event will be targeted to last about 75 minutes but we're making no promises it won't be longer. Sometimes we tend to talk a lot.... and you might ask some great questions which we want to talk through. 

    This is a ticketed event with limited space. We look forward to seeing you at the experience! 

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