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Queen Bee Coffee Company

Castillo Niu (Colombia) Coffee

Castillo Niu (Colombia) Coffee

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This is a very special coffee to us! We have walked the farm and spent time with the all those behind this coffee in Colombia. This is a great Castillo varietal that was grown on Finca Milan near Pereira, Riseralda in Colombia. After picking, the green coffee cherries were exposed and cultured in a stainless tank with real fruit - bananas, coconut, sugar cane, pineapple as well as some malt. The beans soaked the flavors from the fruit and developed into a medium bodied, bright balanced coffee with tropical fruit flavors. 

This coffee brews well in all methods but especially in drip, pourover and cold brew methods. The flavors really explode! 

  • Origin: Colombia
  • Processing: Washed
  • Variety: Castillo,
  • Elevation: 1600-2000 m
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