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Queen Bee Coffee Company

Bobble Presse

Bobble Presse

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Headed out "on the go?" Going camping? Taking a business trip? Going on vacation? Skip the waste and get your caffeine fix in style with the Bobble Presse. The 2-piece stainless steel coffee press brews delicious coffee in just 3 minutes. Just brew, press and go. No filter waste.

Personal input: I love that this is basically a french press that's crazy tough. It doesn't have a filter which means I can pre-grind (don't judge) my coffee before heading out and simply put it in a ziplock bag inside the Bobble. When I want my coffee, all I have to do is heat or get some hot water and I'm ready for great coffee! When I'm done, dump it out, rinse and repeat. No waste. Period. It's metal, so when I drop it camping, it doesn't break. 

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