Clue #2…

Where’s Queen Bee Landing Next?

Clue #2…. You’ve had a couple days on clue #1 and now is the time to look at clue #2.

Audrey will be at our new location, will you?

Remember to bring your correct answer to the market on Sat for your free cup of coffee.


(If you already know and you know you know, make it fun for everyone else and don’t tell quite yet. )

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Clue #1…

Where’s Queen Bee Landing Next?

This week we will be playing a game on Facebook… it’s called, “Where’s Queen Bee Landing Next”. (I know, super creative, right?) Here’s how it works. We will post a series of photo clues throughout the week. Pay close attention! If you think you know, come see us at the Courthouse Square Market on Saturday (opened from 8-2) and submit your guess. If you are right, we will award you with a steaming hot, delicious cup of Queen Bee Coffee.

Here’s the first clue – Good luck guessing!

(If you already know and you know you know, make it fun for everyone else and don’t tell quite yet. )

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Share your Sunshine!

“Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.”  – James M. Barrie (1860-1937)

Recently, we added a new feature to our website called Testimonials. This is a place where you can go and, as James Barrie said years ago, share the sunshine. If you have some sunshine to share, please click on the box below to submit your comments to be reviewed and added to the website. If you have something you’ve said on Facebook or Twitter, I’ll be trying to look through and grab those items and add them soon as well. However, if you don’t submit your comments here, I’ll ask you if it’s ok to post them on the website. (I’m pretty sure that’s not spelled out specifically in our Privacy Policy but it just seems like the right thing to do.)

[button link=”” type=”big”] Click here to go to the Customer Testimonials page and submit your little bit of sunshine![/button]

Thanks for sharing your sunshine with the rest of us!    -the crew @ Queen Bee

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Headin’ to Honduras

El CorazonThe Heart.  That is what we call our Honduran coffee.  It’s where we got our start.  The coffee of the Lenca Indians is what gave Queen Bee Coffee its first heartbeat.  This summer, we have the opportunity to physically invest in these people- not by purchasing their coffee, but by serving their community.  We couldn’t be more excited.  Our family will spend two weeks in several villages of Honduras with Frontline Missions and Abundant Life Coffee Group.  While this is not a “coffee trip,” we will have the privilege of working with the families that grow our coffee and creating personal relationships with them.  Our trip will consist of sharing the gospel through VBS, beginning construction on a home base for Frontline Missions and full time missionary, Greg Hines, and providing medical assistance in various clinics in the area.  We covet your prayers as we travel and spend time on mission.  It is our desire to be a company that has a vision beyond our personal gain or even our community.  We want to make a difference there, yes, but feel a responsibility to go further.  We want our children to be first hand witnesses to the poverty in most coffee growing regions and feel a compassion that grows into a desire to bring change.  We want for them -and you- to realize that every pound we roast, label, package, and sell is a tiny step in bringing that change.  We want to give you a face, not just the name of a country.  That’s why we are going.  Our prayer is that our hearts, lives, and company will be profoundly influenced by what we witness and that we can convey this to you, our friends, community, and customers.

Girl from HondurasAs our trip approaches, we will be gathering items to take to the Lencas.  We will be collecting various medical supplies such as band aids, antibiotic creams, peroxide, hygiene items, old eye-glasses, splints, etc.  We would love to fill an entire suitcase with these items.  If you would like to be a part of this, please bring them to The Courthouse Square Market on any Saturday in the next few weeks.  We’d love to thank you in person and add you to our contact list.  That way, we can bombard you with the stories and pictures once we get home! (You can also add your email in the “Keep Up to Date” section on the right and you will be automatically updated with any Queen Bee post.)  The Market is opened every Thursday and Friday from 7:30-5:30 as well- we just won’t be there to greet you.  You can deposit your items in the box on the counter and we’ll get them Saturday.  Thank you so much.

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We Are Henry

If you have never seen an issue of We Are Henry magazine, you are missing out!!! It’s a great local magazine that showcases some of the gems of Henry County. In the first few issues, there have been lots of great articles about the community. The photography and articles are incredible – no shortcuts in the production at all!

As part of our Saturday mornings at the Courthouse Square Market, we’ve been fortunate enough to have had a chance to talk with some of the folks from We Are Henry. (It’s really cool at the Market because you never know who will be dropping by at any given time. We all love the casual visits with the community. Come try it, you’ll love it too! It’s about way more than great products, it’s about the people!) We have found that they are truly about the community and initiating connections within the community. So… grab a copy, sit down and read about this great place we all call home.

Click here to see the most current issue. On pages 26-27 of the digital issue is an article titled,  McDonough… Charming and Progressive.  Included in the article is a picture of the ever-changing Courthouse Square Market chalkboard sign on Griffin Street in front of the Chafin Building. If you drive through the downtown McDonough Square and see the sign on the sidewalk, the Market is open!

Come in and see Queen Bee Coffee Company and Flour Power along with all the other local vendors!



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