Henry Herald Interview

Thanks to the Henry Herald for the interview regarding our new venture at 58 Griffin Street. I’d love to spend a few hours sharing about what we are doing and how things are going there but quite honestly, that wouldn’t be enough time. I’m sure we’ll be sharing all that soon enough. So far it has been a blast. We were honored to have this opportunity to share a peek into our vision for the Queen Bee Coffee Company’s new digs.

Click here to see the article written by The Henry Daily Herald.

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(photo copyright Henry Daily Herald)

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A New Home for QBCC

We are excited to officially announce that Queen Bee Coffee Company has purchased a new, 85 year old, piece of property to bring our roasting operation closer to the public we love. The old Plum Tree Antiques (58 Griffin Street) is now the home of Queen Bee Coffee Company. We are excited to make this investment in McDonough.

Please stay tuned for more details and for updates on the renovations….


58 Griffin Street Pre-Renovation
58 Griffin Street Pre-Renovation
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Final Reveal

Where’s is Queen Bee Landing Next?

Many of you have have patiently watched, waited, liked and commented on this week’s posts! Thanks for your engagement!

We are excited to announce that beginning September 5th, we will be partnering with Studio Red Salon on John Frank Ward Blvd. They are located right next to the parking lot behind Moye’s Pharmacy in downtown McDonough. (Across from the Judicial Center) Studio Red is a Nick Arrojo Salon – like the guy from What Not to Wear. Their salon is a super cool space. Go check it out and just take a look around.

On many Thursday nights, Studio Red has live music for their clients. It is during this time that we will have a single serve, pour-over station setup on a coffee bar in the main salon space. We will also have a few special sweets we have sourced from like-minded companies as Queen Bee Coffee. This will be open for the public and not limited to the clients of Studio Red so head over to Studio Red’s Facebook and Like them. They will be sharing more information as well!


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Clues 4, 5 and 6…

Clue #4Clue #4…
It is Saturday and we’re at the Courthouse Square Market not far from this “door”. You’ve probably driven by at least a few times….maybe more.

Keep thinking and thinking you might be close. If you don’t know just wait a while longer, I am thinking another clue could be coming soon….

Remember, we’re at the market til 2pm so come give us the right answer and we’ll give you a free cup-a-joe.

See you soon!


Clue #5

Clue #5…
Quite honestly, I am just feeling a bit generous right now. Here’s another snippet of information that might help you out to figure out where Queen Bee is landing next?





Clue #6

Clue #6 – So the Courthouse Square Market is over for the weekend and the guessing is done. Tomorrow afternoon is the reveal of the new location where we will be guest serving our coffees during special events. I think I’ll throw one more clue up here that is sure to provide some color and clarity to the clues given so far.

Another tidbit: There is new, unique (super cool) equipment being used at this location and only this location (stay tuned for those details soon). It’s an exciting opportunity for Queen Bee and we are all very excited.



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Clue #3…

Where’s Queen Bee Landing Next?

Clue #3….

Four days have passed since Clue #1.
Two days have passed since Clue#2.
Here’s the next clue just for you…..

This place is old but it’s also kinda new.
Wait! Even better …… it’s all about you.
We look forward to be a part of this cool place too.

Remember to bring your correct answer to the market on Sat for your free cup of coffee.

Is there anyone out there with some thoughts running through your mind yet???? Don’t spoil the fun but do let us know if you think you might know. We’ll provide a final clue on Saturday morning early and then we’ll reveal the answer on Sunday afternoon on Facebook and our website.

Note: It will not replace any of our current activities or locations where you can purchase our coffees. Just another exciting new opportunity for McDonough and Queen Bee Coffee!

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