Nitro Coffee

“Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.”
-Southern Proverb (I guess or my kinfolk just made it up.)


I have been known to say that in the past to folks when something good works out… usually even better than planned. This is certainly the case with our recently released Nitro Coffee. We discovered “nitro” about 9-12 months ago and the seed was planted. Micah began thinking how cool it would be to have something like that in McDonough. Why does all the cool stuff always start in CA or NYC and maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t even make it to the ATL… certainly never to McDonough, right?

Well, he set out to change that in the Fall of last year. He began working on a plan to bring “nitro” to our little cozy shop. What started out as a small idea quickly grew into a “what was I thinking” sort of project. It seems straightforward enough, right?


Just brew come cofeee.

Toss it into a keg.



Whoa… not so fast. Here’s the condensed version. There are a lot of ways you can brew coffee. There are a lot of different coffees you can use. Some ways to brew make a concentrate that you have to dilute but to what ratio do we use? What equipment do we use? How do we serve it? What gas do we use to pressurize the tanks and dispense? Where can I get all this stuff I need? What happened to the taste between cupping, brewing and serving? It changed a lot for sure! I think it is a safe bet that we drank a LOT of nitro coffee just trying to get the process developed and trying to answer all these questions. There were, in fact, a few times that we almost wanted to wave the white flag of surrender on “nitro”.  The coffee world is a curious one in that there is so much creativity in it there is just simply no simple way to write or provide directions easily so you sort of have to make your own pathway. That’s part of the journey!

Nitro is basically a coffee served through a stout faucet to create a cascade of bubbles which in turn gives the black coffee a slightly sweet, creamy taste without cream or sugar. At Queen Bee, we use a dark roasted blend that we make in house and cold brew it for 18-24 hours. This results in a very smooth strong base to begin our nitro development. The brewed coffee is then filtered and diluted to the desired strength and kegged and stored under high pressure nitrogen. After a designated time, the nitro coffee is then served through a stout faucet under high pressure nitrogen to deliver an incredibly delicious drink that will surely give you the desire to come back for more.

As part of this product development, we also implemented a method to serve all of our iced coffees on tap. We serve our Panama Joe (caramel, vanilla mousse and island rum flavoring), Seasonal Iced Coffee as well as our Black Iced (flash brewed) coffees on tap.

We’d love to serve you one soon so drop by the shop and sit a spell with us….



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Queen Bee POPS

What is Queen Bee POPS?

On the second Saturday of the month, we’d like to offer our “stage” to any family friendly performance you’d like to give. Come WOW McDonough with your amazing talent. Maybe you sing, dance, write poetry, play instruments, tell jokes, blow up balloons with your nose, whatever! There are no age limits or talent level requirements. We want to give you a reason to practice and a chance to not only show off but also get better. We want this to be a fun, no pressure opportunity that builds talent, confidence, and community. We hope you will be a part of the performance AND the audience. The first month was a blast! We had EIGHT different folks share their talent with us!

What if I show up and then I think, “I could have done this.”? Well, bring your instrument, we’ll have the PA if you need it, and we will try to squeeze you in! No promises, but we can try…

The schedule is posted in the shop and is broken down into 15 minute segments. We also have an online sign-up option available to you if that works for you. It would be real-time up to date and provides a great way or us to communicate with you.

Drop by or call to talk to us about it. If you can fill more than one slot, by all means do so.


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Summertime Storytime

Alicia is a teacher. She thinks like a teacher. She writes like a teacher. She has patience like the Greatest of Teachers. She just loves to teach. “Teaching”, however, doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in a classroom presenting rote materials to a roomful of pupils. It can simply mean sharing life with someone and sharing tiny tidbits along the way. Almost like just walking along side someone and stopping every now and then to say, “did you see that?”  I think that is where this idea of Queen Bee Storytime may be rooted. Storytime gives Alicia that chance – a chance to sit alongside the kids with a book in hand and read to kids. She loves it! It gives her a chance to “teach” them but it really isn’t “teaching”at all. Storytime 3

For as long as I can remember, it has been a dream to have a place where families can come and just breathe for just a minute despite the craziness of life. In that dream, there has always been “story time”. A time when life would slow down for just a few minutes and children would slip away in a dream world of books we are quickly losing in this crazy world we live in.

This summer, Alicia decided it was time to make this happen. This week we are rolling into week number three of story time at the coffee shop. Here are a couple of pictures that were so graciously shared with us by one of our sweetest customers. Thanks guys for sharing them!

Storytime 4This is how storytime works at the shop… You meet the love of your life, get married and have children. When they get about “this big”, you bring them to Queen Bee Coffee Company on Thursdays for storytime for “Miss Alicia” to read books to them. Don’t forget that Thursdays are $2 Cookies & Milk which happens year round too! When they are small, you bring them at 10:00am. They “sit” (sometimes they never really “sit”) and listen to books on the porch so they can fidget when they get restless and it’s all ok. All the while you rest in a chair on the porch chatting softly with your friends… VERY close by. Disclaimer: No leaving kids, we love them and Storytime 1all but they might be sold if left at the shop! If the first part about having children happened longer ago, your kids are probably “medium sized” by now. In this case, you would come at 2pm and listen to The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe. They meet inside on the big comfy couch because they are old enough to sit still and listen. The first week they read chapters 1 & 2, last week 3 & 4 and this week…. drumroll please…. YES! Chapters 5 & 6! When this book is done, another great chapter book will be read.

That’s what “story time” is all about. 

Come join us, it’s a fun time for all!



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6 Months!!!

UPDATE: Thanks for registering when we had this give-a-way active. The winner was William Meaders. Congratulations!

The paint on the steps is worn, the ivy is still off the house and the polished hardwoods have regained some of their character…. it’s been a wonderful six months with you!

To celebrate, we’re going to celebrate all week long! Get a ticket with each purchase to add to the bowl-of- tickets. We’ll draw at the end of each day for that day’s prize and you can pick it up later. Simple enough. Here’s the schedule of fun we’ve got planned out….



  1. Tuesday – FREE half pound of coffee + cup of coffee
  2. Wednesday – FREE Askinosie Chocolate Bar – YOUR CHOICE! + cup of coffee
  3. Thursday – FREE pound of coffee + cup of coffee
  4. Friday – FREE t-shirt + cup of coffee
  5. Saturday – FREE Keep-Cup (you choose the size and it includes $1 off future drinks!) + cup of coffee


FREE Cup of Coffee daily for SIX MONTHS and a T-Shirt – You’ll get coupons for six months of cups of coffee to use at your discretion. (Note:  This will be for hot brewed coffee.)

arrowDetails: The end of the week HUGE freebie is a bit more complicated … simply type your email in the “Follow Blog by Email” on the right and you’re registered for the Grand Prize.  You will have to confirm your email subscription with an automated email that will get sent to you. This makes sure you’re real and not fake-like. What happens besides or after your registration? Nothing – there’s no “catch”! I told someone recently that our website is where we share our “heart stuff”. This will simply allow you to get notified of anything we post on our website plus you’re automatically registered for the Grand Prize. (That’s not really complicated now is it?) We promise we’ll never compromise your trust in us when you give us your email address. You can unsubscribe at anytime moving forward but you’ll want to register for the grand prize. Share this as often as you want with friends. Anyone can register at any time but we’ll cut the registration off on Sunday, June 8th at 6pm. Later on Sunday night we’ll announce the winner. Good luck!



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Gone Fishin’….

“Thank you for being so transparent,” she said. I responded with “that’s just how we are around here.”

That was part of a conversation I had with a customer recently during her first visit to our coffee shop. As you read that it may seem like a really weird way to run a business or at the very least non-conventional when it comes to business “logic”. Just as I was encouraged when she said that in our conversation, we would be encouraged if you said that isn’t typical now. We don’t want to be typical.

We yearn for a time gone by when folks just dropped in and would sit-a-spell and catch up on the latest news around town… When a short break in your day would come and you knew there would be someone at the “spot” you’d know and you would go just to talk and visit…when you’d need a break and you’d simply hang a sing on the door that says “Gone Fishin’…”. Well, that’s what we’re doing. When we close on Saturday night of this week, we’ll be hanging out a sign that says “Gone fishin’… be back next week!” There are several reasons why we’ll be doing this.

First, we have said from the beginning that we are a family first and we are a business second. In the past FIVE months since we’ve opened, we haven’t changed our minds on that. We still believe in the value of our family (and yours) and we will continue to invest in that belief in spite of the cost of closing our doors for a week. We know this isn’t typical for any business to do this – especially one that is finishing up on the first six months in business. However, we see it differently. We think it makes perfect sense! Anything worth having will cost something. We believe we are investing in one of the most important things, our family. We also think that we’ve been rambling down this exciting journey now for over five months and we want to do a ‘check’ to make sure all is well with our family. School is done and to celebrate we’re going “fishin’…” for a few days. We’re going to be here and there so don’t worry about us, we’ll be back on June 3rd.

As a second point, we’ve been a part of an ongoing study for the past five months that has been about rest and how we were created for rest but yet we don’t rest. There’s no margin in our lives for rest. If you look at the society we live in, there is no time allowed for rest. We have created a world where we are expected to respond to a text no matter the time, answer emails no matter where we are, microwave our food because we don’t have time for water to boil, put on our makeup while we drive (I don’t do that by the way and neither does Alicia), race from work to the ball field and music practice and grab a burger on the way all in an effort to create a better life for us and the kids … but does it? No, it doesn’t. We know that if we are to truly get the rest we were created to experience, we have to create that margin in our lives. This week we are leaving the shop to create our margin. It is our rest. Yes it is physical rest but it is also mental, emotional and spiritual rest. You should find some time to rest too. Find a rest stop for your family.

Thirdly, we’ve got a lot of thinking to do. (Odd I should say it is mental rest and then say we’ve got thinking to do, right?) If you could but put a microphone in our minds, it would be nothing but a barrage of concepts and ideas that never seem to end. Honestly, we’ve got so many ideas we want to consider for Queen Bee Coffee Company and the McDonough community that we have to try to get some of them sorted out and on paper. We have ideas that we think will bring our community together in ways not seen in a while. We believe we can bring generations together so we can share life and wisdom together. We believe we can provide ways for families to come together like we haven’t done in a long time. We believe we can do more than bring great coffee to McDonough. We believe we can bring (and help create) great families to McDonough. Families come to a city because they like the places, the conveniences and opportunities they find there. Families stay in a city because they love what it does for their lives. They stay because they are having a great time in that city. They stay because it enriches their lives and in turn they enrich the community they live in. We believe we can be a small part of making McDonough the place where people don’t want to leave because they love living here.

So in short, we are taking a break before we embark on our second half of our first year. We will close on Saturday night and be closed Memorial Day Week. We will re-open on June 3rd. We are sorry if this is inconvenient for you and we hope you’ll understand.

We’ll be back, we promise.

Sunday – Monday (25th-26th)  –  Closed as normal

Tuesday – Saturday (27th-31st)  –  CLOSED – GONE FISHIN’….


Sunday – Monday (1st-2nd)  –  Closed as normal

Tuesday (June 3rd) – SIX MONTHS @ 58 GRIFFIN STREET – OPEN!!!!

What ya say we do something fun to celebrate our return on the 3rd and to celebrate our first SIX MONTHS at 58 Griffin Street?!?!?!

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