question_marksWe often get asked questions like the following:

  • What kind of grinder should I get?
  • What’s a Chemex?
  • What is THAT? (asked while looking at a glass jar of green coffee beans)
  • and such discussion provoking questions…

We love to talk about such things but sometimes you want to ask these questions when we aren’t sitting at your computer with you. So for that reason, we will be adding more content to this page as we move forward. It is appropriately titled, School. We will post links to articles, write brief blurbs on current coffee topics, discuss various brewing methods and other such pressing questions we need to discuss with you.

For starters, here is a quick list of websites that we think you will find very interesting.

The Coffee Geek – Product reviews by professionals as well as by regular ol’ folks like me and you. Great for reviewing prior to purchasing decisions – everything from espresso machines to drip coffeemakers to grinders.

Chemex – Our most favorite and coolest pour over method when it comes to several cups. It earns its marks as a piece of art as well as a superb coffee brewing method!

SCAA – Specialty Coffee Association of America – THE rule setter when it comes to coffee standards. They have lots of valuable information on their webpage. Yes, they do actually say two tablespoons per six ounces of water – we don’t make that stuff up.

The Evolution of Coffee Roasting – If you want a 5 minute summary of coffee roasting and various techniques, here’s a good article to read. If you read slow and it takes more than 5 minutes, I’m sorry…five minutes was just a guess.

Sprudge – Coffee news and gossip