Roastery & Cafe

Welcome to Queen Bee Coffee Company.

We are a family owned business operating in a small southern town.  We love Jesus, bow ties, cowboy boots, cupcakes, trampolines and playing ball. We never do anything half-way or half-hearted. We love deep and laugh hard. The only place we’d rather be than on the back porch with friends and family is out getting our hands dirty in service to someone else. Coffee was a way to do both.

Coffee has always been a staple in our home but our dream for the coffee business was bigger than ourselves and our quaint community. We wanted to make a real difference in the lives of people around the world – the ones who don’t wake up to a pot of coffee because they don’t wake up to a pot of water.  A portion of the proceeds from every single bag we sell goes to drill wells in third world countries. So, as you brew some of the best coffee in the world, smile.