Uganda Kabum

“That’s not Fair Trade. That’s Kabum. That’s True Trade.”

-as described in their own video on Vimeo

The Kabum Co-op is an incredible project that really is about making a difference in the region where it is grown. They initially started with a simple well but have expanded to an incredible co-op that has helps to educate the local children as well as teach the farmers about growing the best coffee possible. Their coffee has received several awards in recent years as well.

Kabum green beans (pre-roast)
Kabum green beans (pre-roast)

This a relatively new co-op that started out in 2011 with a single container of coffee. (A “container” is the container on the back of a semi and each container holds a bit over 40,000 pounds of coffee. That’s a lot of coffee by the way!) In 2012, there were three containers imported. I anticipate that this year will be even better as their coffee has become known as an incredible coffee as well as an incredible ministry.

The incredible quality of this coffee is a perk (that’s at least a bit funny, right?) as compared to the work that the Kabum co-op does in the Uganda area. The Kabum Project strives to get as much money back to the farmers as possible so they can improve the farms, improve the quality, teach their children and improve their quality of life. If you’d like to know even more, check it out here.

Here is another video that let’s you Meet the Farmers. I love to hear Pastor Tom Godwin talk in the video.

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