Nicaragua Selva Negra

Selva Negra is such a really cool coffee that is all about growing coffee as cleanly and as naturally as possible.   For example, they “mulch the rows between the coffee trees with coffee husks and algae from the estate ponds to prevent weeds from taking root.” In order “to repel pests, we spray our plants, trees and veggies with tea-like solutions fortified by natural repellents [they] grow, such as the seeds and leaves of the neem tree, madero, chilli and garlic.” (From their website –

Additionally, they “make [their] own compost out of waste from the farm and hotel, such as coffee pulp, cow manure, chicken manure, garbage, algae harvested from the lake, rice husks, pruned vegetation and old mulch. Some of [their] compost bins are so big they hold 30 tons each! Every year [they] produce about 300 tons of organic fertilizer. “(From their website –

We share this information with you to let you know that not only are we committed to quality coffee but our coffee partners are as well. This sentence also from their website says it all as they describe the processing of the coffee cherries. “The pulp of the bean is diverted to our worm farm, where special breeds of worm chow down on the pulp to make compost. We also add the pulp to other wastes to compost a more complete fertilizer.” That gives you a true feel of their intentions. When you say “worms chow down” you know they are serious! If you would like to read more about the coffee, go to their website and look around. They also have a Ecolodge where you can go and hang out for a vacation and they’ll give you a sweet tour of the area and their estate.

This coffee is grown in the Highlands area of Northern Nicaragua by the Kuhl family. They have been coffee farmers for quite a long time. They are committed to growing coffee with a complete emphasis on sustainability. (As though you couldn’t figure that out from the above information.)  In fact, in 2007, the Specialty Coffee Association of America issued the Sustainability Award to the Selva Negra Estate. Other recognitions that have been awarded this coffee include Rainforest Alliance Certification as well as Organic Certification. The Kuhls have received invitations to present the estate’s progressive practices at international conferences.

When we need more Selva Negra, we simply call and say, “Hey! This is Queen Bee Coffee, can we come pick up some more green beans?” We get this coffee directly from the Kuhl family so we know our money is going right back into growing great coffee!

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