Honduras El Corazón

This coffee we call El Corazón because El Corazón means “the heart” in Spanish. This is Queen Bee Coffee Company’s heartbeat coffee. I would say there is a great story that goes with the Honduran beans but that wouldn’t be entirely true – there are many great stories that go with our Honduran coffee and the list of stories gets longer seemingly every day. That is why it is called El Corazón.

Lenca Seedlings

As we first began dreaming of QBCC, our idea was to do water work for those who need water in Africa. Why Africa? Well, people in Africa just need water, right? Yes they do but so do about a bazillion other folks in the world we live in. So began a journey that turned our focus quickly from Africa to Honduras. (Don’t worry; there will always be great African coffees we will carry for you to enjoy so it’s all good.)

QBCC was seeking partners (remember from the Our Coffees page that they aren’t suppliers, right?) where we could source green coffee beans. As we began our search, we met Greg Hines, the owner of Abundant Life Coffee Group. I still recall sitting with Greg that first meeting at Atlanta Bread Company (yes, we drank some of their coffee but it wasn’t all that good) in Morrow and discussing his company and how it came to exist. (What a cool story that is too!) Greg had already begun to develop a relationship with the Lenca Indians in Honduras. He told us of how hard they worked picking coffee cherries not from their farms but working for pennies at other plantations. He also told us of how he had already partnered with Frontline Missions and there was a relationship beginning to really blossom with the Lencas.

Lenca Drying PatioAs of that meeting, Greg hadn’t even received his first container of coffee from the Lencas yet. It was in route but hadn’t arrived in the United States. The Lenca coffee is strictly specialty grade coffee – this means that it is in the top 2% of the best of all Arabica coffee grown anywhere in the world.

This relationship continues to grow as Greg continues to help the Lencas to become self sufficient coffee farmers. They are being taught how to grow their own coffee trees so they can pick their own coffee instead of working for others. They are being taught the value of developing co-ops so they can receive higher compensation for the coffee beans. They are being taught the importance of proper post picking processing. However, they are not only being taught about coffee but they are also being taught about Christ and the true Living Water that only can come from Christ. Frontline Missions is an integral part of this work that is being done in Honduras.

I have only slightly opened the door a tiny crack to allow you a peek into the room filled with information about our Honduras El Corazón coffee but I hope that you better understand why we call this our “heartbeat” coffee.  Queen Bee Coffee is already planning a trip to meet and serve the Lenca people in the summer of 2013. I am sure we will have lots of stories, pictures and updates to share with you when we get back!

It is an honor and is so exciting to be able to bring you coffee from the Lencas in Honduras!


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