Queen Bee POPS

What is Queen Bee POPS?

On the second Saturday of the month, we’d like to offer our “stage” to any family friendly performance you’d like to give. Come WOW McDonough with your amazing talent. Maybe you sing, dance, write poetry, play instruments, tell jokes, blow up balloons with your nose, whatever! There are no age limits or talent level requirements. We want to give you a reason to practice and a chance to not only show off but also get better. We want this to be a fun, no pressure opportunity that builds talent, confidence, and community. We hope you will be a part of the performance AND the audience. The first month was a blast! We had EIGHT different folks share their talent with us!

What if I show up and then I think, “I could have done this.”? Well, bring your instrument, we’ll have the PA if you need it, and we will try to squeeze you in! No promises, but we can try…

The schedule is posted in the shop and is broken down into 15 minute segments. We also have an online sign-up option available to you if that works for you. It would be real-time up to date and provides a great way or us to communicate with you.

Drop by or call to talk to us about it. If you can fill more than one slot, by all means do so.


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