52 Weeks Ago….

#tbt Throwback Thursday – a look back in time…. if you had told us 52 weeks from when this picture was taken, we would be holding a Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting at our own shop, we would have told you “you’re crazy!” Thankfully, doors have been opened and we have been blessed beyond measure and that is where we find ourselves – at 58 Griffin Street (next to Blumen Trio).

We began selling publicly in the Summer of 2012 in the parking lot next to Courthouse Square Market with a handful of other vendors. One year ago this weekend, the market moved inside the Chafin Building and we took this picture (before we “decked out” our space). Tomorrow at 10am, we hold an official ribbon cutting at 58 Griffin Street thanks to Main Street McDonough Program Program! Come celebrate the new chapter in our business with us!

Thanks to all of our customers who have been a part of this journey so far and we look forward to the days to come and what doors will open that we didn’t even know were there….sort of like this one….. We get nervously excited just wondering what’s next because it may not look like we think it will but we know it will be great!

This was our first weekend inside the Chafin Building, Feb 2, 2013
This was our first weekend inside the Chafin Building, Feb 2, 2013
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Closed until Sat the 6th

Happy 4th of July everyone! Since the 4th is on Thursday, we (the Courthouse Square Market) will be closed on Thursday and Friday.

The market will reopen during regular hours on Saturday – 8:00am – Noon.

Be sure to come by and we’ll tell you all about our trip to Honduras. Trust me, bring your patience or be prepared to wave the white flag when you get tired of us talking about it. See you soon!

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Thursdays and Fridays at the Market (& Saturday too!)

Yep, you sure can!

You can come to the Courthouse Square Market on Thursdays and Fridays and grab that coffee you are needing for the office or the house. There will be someone running the market from 7:30a – 5:30p each Thursday and Friday who can help you out.

Coffee (brewed and in bags) is available anytime as well as treats from one of the other vendors – Flour Power. If you need a box of fresh brewed coffee (90 +/-  ounces), we can do that too! It only takes about 10 minutes to brew it fresh for you to take it with you…

If one of your normal vendors brings fresh vegetables and such on Saturdays, come on Saturday but if you need something else, just drop by sometime on Thursday or Friday. (AND on Saturday, or course!) During the week, the normal non-perishable items will be available from all vendors’ booths.

Come see us this week!

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