Welcome to La Campa

There’s not too much to say (there’s too much to say in reality) right now except that as we get closer to the summer, the excitement is building for Queen Bee Coffee Company. We have known the story of our El Corazon coffee for a long time and have wanted to go and meet these people in Honduras who pour their lives into producing the great coffee we roast for you but it seemed so far in the future. As we look at the calendar, we realize the summer will be here soon and we will get that chance. Queen Bee Coffee will be honored to spend some time with the Lenca Indians this summer.

We will sleep in their communities. We will eat their foods. We will work in their villages. We will play games and laugh with their children. We will share God’s love with these people. We will do all we can to share the message of Christ with these people. Our time there will be filled with children’s ministry, adult ministry, construction and as things are looking right now, maybe even a medical mission portion as well! So exciting….

Additionally, we will be scouting for location to drill a well. That’s a very exciting thought as well. We have a couple of ideas but nothing is set firm yet. When we are there, we will get to look over some options (in person and stand right where it could happen) to see what the future looks like for well drilling down there too.

We look forward to seeing this sign for ourselves and being welcomed to La Campa!

Until next time, drink coffee and be well.

Welcome to La Campa

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URGENT: French Press ALERT

I have been asked several times lately about the best place to get a french press. Well, that varies. BUT, today (3/15) and until they run out the best place is at BuyDig.com. With the coupon code, AWAKE20, you can get an extra 20% off of the purchase. This means you can snag a decent Bodum french press for under $16 to your door! Are there better presses out there? (Meaning that if you’re careless, the glass is replaceable or that the mesh filter-screen is more resistant to damage?) Yes, there are but not for $16. They do have the Chambord model and I believe it does have replaceable parts if you feel you are a habitual “breaker of things”.

If you’ve never tried a french press, here’s a great place to get one and give it a whirl. Easy fixing and easy cleanup. At the link below, there are also some hot water kettles as well. Yeah, there are some grinders, DON’T buy one of those blade grinders. Go to the School link for information about grinders.


[button link=”http://www.buydig.com/shop/search.aspx?sdtid=5907106&kwd=bodum&x=0&y=0&lmt=100&srt=lowprice&ref=cj” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] BugDig.com Bodum Sale    Extra 20% off Bodum Coffee & Tea Products + free shipping!     French press coffee makers from $15.96 shipped![/button]


French Press Brewing Instructions:  Check it out here!  (I’m not going to waste my time when Tom at Sweet Maria’s has a great instruction sheet.)


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Loyalty Cards Are Here!

Check this out – FREE COFFEE!

We are giving you FREE coffee when you buy some! (As our daughter would say, “Whoop! Whoop!”) We used to offer a small discount for buying 2 pounds at a time but that began to not make sense. We’d rather you buy coffee FRESH and not have it sitting on your shelf just because we offered you a small discount. Instead, we asked ourselves, “What if we just offered a Loyalty Card?” Then the idea came to be what you see here. We let you buy it as you need your coffee and we will still reward you for your purchases. We don’t penalize you by only offering a multiple pound purchase – we reward you for buying over and over again.

Buy 10 pounds and get 1 pound FREE!!!
Buy 10 pounds and get 1 pound FREE!!!

On the back of the card, we also ask for a small bit of information like your name, your birth DATE (not your birth year because we’re getting old now) so we can know when to send you a small birthday freebie, your email (to send you the freebie) as well as your favorite coffee(s) list.

This introduction of the Loyalty Card is a super sweet deal for you – a FREE ONE POUND bag of coffee when you buy what you’re already buying anyway!

Thanks for drinking our coffee because when you do, you are helping us to provide wells and water to the thirsty in Central America.

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YOLO – So Live for Tomorrow

It seems to me that I have seen You Only Live Once, aka YOLO, on shirts, signs, bags, advertising paraphernalia and everything else you can imagine. It is almost as though the only hot topic item is this idea of YOLO. YOLO has shown up professional athelete’s clothing and even in middle school and high school sports’ clothing. I completely understand the concept they are promoting – we do only live once so let’s make the most of it. Play hard. Dive for that ball. Don’t leave anything on the field. Be bold and try new things. Be the guy (or girl) who tries something new.  Be different. Go against the grain.

The inherent idea of this is almost like carpe diem – sieze the day. This concept can be a great idea. I definitely think this is a good thing. We should be different. We should be going against the grain but not in the light that YOLO implies. It seems to imply that you should “go for it” because the chance may never come again and you miss it – whatever “it” happens to be – maybe an exciting adventure, maybe a new path or even a different career in life. Although I can track with this, I think it misses the mark.

This past Sunday, our church finished up a series titled LIFE – God cares as much about your journey as He does your destination. Something that really resonated with me during the series is this idea of “what does my journey mean for the future?”. For example, what does our journey mean for our children or our grandchildren? What is the legacy that my wife and I are creating that we will leave behind? It’s not if we are creating a legacy but what is it specifically? Are we making a difference in our children or are we making a difference somewhere beyond our comfort zones?

When we thought through this idea, we found that I was working at a job that is a great career and provides for my family but is doing nothing for making a real difference in creating a legacy. I had a co-worker retire after more than 40 years with the company with no significant legacy. I mean this in no negative light towards him or his efforts because he accomplished many great things while he worked for the company. It just really made me think – when I walk away, what have I really done with my time? Then we began to ask ourselves if there was something we could do to create a legacy both for our children and also Out There somewhere in the world beyond what we know. So Queen Bee Coffee Company is part of the answer for us.

As you read this, I want you to think about how you are living your life. The slogan says You Only Live Once but I say that means you should “live for tomorrow” because you only live once. If we live for tomorrow, we are making a difference in the future – in our future, our kid’s future, our family’s future and quite possibly the world’s future. When you look around and see YOLO, remember that it is true. You won’t get a second chance to make a first impression on the world you will one day leave behind. You won’t get a second chance to create a legacy. We were given this life but once and but once do we have to do it.

Remember, live for tomorrow not for today.


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Still in the works…

Hi Ho Hi Ho , Its Off To Work We Go!!

So that’s what it’s like – just like Snow White and the, what was it?, Seven Dwarfs? We are continuing to work on getting our new webpage up and going. There’s a lot more information on the webpage but the Online Store is still in the works…

Thanks again for your patience as we continue to get it all ironed out. I thought about just pulling the website down until we were finished but that could be even more frustrating – and less motivating to push through the madness to get it done. 🙂

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