Who We Are

“Just stand right there and we’ll get a good family picture.”    – oh well, at least we tried.


Welcome to Queen Bee Coffee Company.

We love Jesus, bow ties, cowboy boots, cupcakes, trampolines and playing ball. We never do anything half-way or half-hearted. We love deep and laugh hard. The only place we’d rather be than on the back porch with friends and family is out getting our hands dirty in service to someone else. Coffee was a way to do both.

What started with the dreams of Alicia & Micah soon became the nervous “what are we doing” excitement for all five in the Hodges family. It was early in 2011 when this journey began. We sold our first bag of coffee in July of 2012 off of a borrowed table under a borrowed pop-up tent at the Courthouse Square Market in McDonough, GA. Fast forward a short 17 months to December 3, 2013 and we had purchased, renovated and moved into the property at 58 Griffin Street. We loved that we were able to rescue this quickly deteriorating 1928 historical property and restore it to a positive part of our community. We have strategically grown slowly over the past few years as we have added products, drinks and services to our menu offering. We do our best to only offer you what we believe we can do really well really reliably. We actually ran our shop for the first two years before we added an espresso machine. When we finally did… we got a really sweet Victoria Arduino Athena Leva. You should come check it out! There’s something really magical about a great shot of espresso coming off a machine that seemlessly merges art, history and technology.

It didn’t take too long to quickly out grow what our family was able to accomplish alone before we began looking for our first employee. We grew from one to two to three to more employees. We now have seven employees who relentlessly serve our community day in and day out. Our employees don’t take what they do lightly. They know when they are hired, they are not simply taking a job but joining forces for something much bigger. They are also becoming a part of our family and our STAFF.

We thank you for the chance to serve you during your crazy day to day activities. When you come in our little shop, we hope you feel the need to just breathe deep and share at least a moment with us in the shop before you step back out to conquer your day. We look forward to seeing you really soon!