What We Do

I guess our logo says it all… beans roasted well…right? Well, not exactly…please keep reading.

The short version – we buy beans, we roast them for you and it’s all done well. But that’s just scraping the surface!

Here’s the real version of what beans roasted well is all about…


Green Beans on BurlapBEANS – We are committed to sourcing our beans as close to the farmer as possible. We are asked if our beans are “fair trade”? Are they “organic”? Are they “bird friendly” or “Rainforest Certified”? The truth is… several of our coffees are all of the above. Additionally, we like to think that when we have personal relationships with each person who supplies our beans directly from the farmers, that’s a pretty good thing. A lot of roasters will buy from a large impersonal corporate entity and there’s a place for that but not with QBCC. Our partners who import our beans stand with the farmers and look them in the eyes and say “Thanks for your efforts!” (or pretty much something very similar to that) Some of our beans have the formal stamp of “organic” and some we know they use organic growing methods but quite simply don’t have the funds to get certified and we’re ok with that. We know our partners are paying great prices for great beans. When we buy beans from Greg, Steve or William, we are buying from folks who are literally family with the farmer or just as close as family.


Roasting WindowROASTED – We use a small batch drum roaster that does exactly what we need it to do. It roasts our beans to perfection. Are they perfect each and every time? Well, no. Is it as close as we can get it each and every roast? Absolutely! I don’t think any roaster worth your time should tell you the coffee is 100% perfectly roasted each and every time. There’s always room for improvement! We roast each and every origin coffee to a tested and tried time and temperature we’ve developed for that specific bean. Coffee grown at different elevations under different conditions all require a different approach to roasting. Roast them too hot or not hot enough or too fast or too slow and you have just ruined some great beans. Have we ever done that? Yup! We’ve thrown whole batches of coffee away because it wasn’t up to our standards.


WellWELL – Well, pun intended, this is the most exciting part of our business! What do we do with the beans that are roasted? We sell them to you and everybody that will give us a listen. Hopefully when all goes well, we sell some roasted coffee… lots of coffee..  For every single pound of coffee we sell, $1 goes to provide the people who grow our coffees for water projects so we can provide water to the thirsty. Our focus is the Central American countries. We have a heart for the Honduran Lenca Indians. We have a coffee from these hard working people that we roast for you. (Give it a try sometime – it’s a great coffee!) So we mean this literally – we drill wells for the thirsty who need it where we get our coffee. We all, you included, have water at our disposal. We leave water running to “let the warm water get here”, we leave the water running while we shave or wash dishes (hopefully not at the same time) – all the time. We don’t think twice about the availability of water.  Water is such a privilege we take for granted so we are returning the profits to the coffee growing areas, so they can have fresh water. If we help them have fresh, clean water, that’s a huge step up the ladder towards improved living conditions and sustainable living!