Does this blog even still work?

Well, it sure better work!

We set up our website a long time ago when we first started out and we’ve sort of “forgotten” about it. Ok, the truth is, I think about it often and then I start feeling bad that we haven’t shared with you since forever and I think “How will I do that? What will I share?” The truth is I then see some shiny and bright something and I get distracted. 🙂 Good grief! Our coffees are not even all in here or up to date anymore, our products aren’t all listed (we don’t even have shirts on here?!?!), we haven’t blogged anything in FOREVER! Well, this is at least a step in the right direction. I’ll tell myself that at least for now. We really want to keep you informed of things going on behind the scenes at the shop and this can be a place for you to get an early heads up before others find out.

If you’re a customer, you know things are always pretty busy around the shop and that’s a great thing for sure! It is not however an excuse to not update the website and blog every once in a while now is it? We have several things “in the pipe” for the near future so we are excited about getting to share some of those things with you when they happen. Thank you for your support and sharing with others about our company and what we do. We hope you have an awesome day and we’ll be in touch….

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