Summertime Storytime

Alicia is a teacher. She thinks like a teacher. She writes like a teacher. She has patience like the Greatest of Teachers. She just loves to teach. “Teaching”, however, doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in a classroom presenting rote materials to a roomful of pupils. It can simply mean sharing life with someone and sharing tiny tidbits along the way. Almost like just walking along side someone and stopping every now and then to say, “did you see that?”  I think that is where this idea of Queen Bee Storytime may be rooted. Storytime gives Alicia that chance – a chance to sit alongside the kids with a book in hand and read to kids. She loves it! It gives her a chance to “teach” them but it really isn’t “teaching”at all. Storytime 3

For as long as I can remember, it has been a dream to have a place where families can come and just breathe for just a minute despite the craziness of life. In that dream, there has always been “story time”. A time when life would slow down for just a few minutes and children would slip away in a dream world of books we are quickly losing in this crazy world we live in.

This summer, Alicia decided it was time to make this happen. This week we are rolling into week number three of story time at the coffee shop. Here are a couple of pictures that were so graciously shared with us by one of our sweetest customers. Thanks guys for sharing them!

Storytime 4This is how storytime works at the shop… You meet the love of your life, get married and have children. When they get about “this big”, you bring them to Queen Bee Coffee Company on Thursdays for storytime for “Miss Alicia” to read books to them. Don’t forget that Thursdays are $2 Cookies & Milk which happens year round too! When they are small, you bring them at 10:00am. They “sit” (sometimes they never really “sit”) and listen to books on the porch so they can fidget when they get restless and it’s all ok. All the while you rest in a chair on the porch chatting softly with your friends… VERY close by. Disclaimer: No leaving kids, we love them and Storytime 1all but they might be sold if left at the shop! If the first part about having children happened longer ago, your kids are probably “medium sized” by now. In this case, you would come at 2pm and listen to The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe. They meet inside on the big comfy couch because they are old enough to sit still and listen. The first week they read chapters 1 & 2, last week 3 & 4 and this week…. drumroll please…. YES! Chapters 5 & 6! When this book is done, another great chapter book will be read.

That’s what “story time” is all about. 

Come join us, it’s a fun time for all!



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