King of Pops @ Queen Bee

The story goes like this… We had been planning to bring King of Pops (KOP) into the store for a while but just hadn’t done it with how crazy things have been since we opened. (Has it only been four months? Has in already been four months? We’ve almost gotten to the point where we don’t nearly die each week from the craziness of it all.)

Anyway, it happened… QUICK! We had been emailing KOP and last Thursday morning they said, “how about today?” We were ready but hadn’t really thought out the announcement yet so on our Facebook page we simply asked McDonough what they’d like us to add to the coffee shop “from the city”?  Hoping to just to get some discussion started. We got lots of responses like Whole Foods, Tin Lizzy’s, Trader Joes, etc. We tried to explain we couldn’t put a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s inside our shop but the dam was broken. So many wanted so many things! It was so fun to watch! Interestingly enough over half of them said KOP?!?!? Little did anyone know that it was already on the way. Well, that afternoon they brought the freezer and our initial order. We made the announcement Thursday morning and we have been selling KOP like crazy since then. In just over 50 hours, we sold out of three flavors. That was WAY more than we ever anticipated! We had to go pick up more KOP from Atlanta on Saturday morning. Thank you to all our customers! We are very excited to be able to bring something to McDonough that you really really wanted! Another day and another fun thing about opening the shop in downtown McDonough!

If we had known bringing KOP to Queen Bee Coffee Company would bring joy to so many faces, we would have done it long ago. It is so great to see kids of all ages enjoying the pops inside and outside around the tables just laughing and enjoying life together. Slow down and enjoy life for a few moments today… if it’s with a cup of coffee or a King of Pop, we’ll be waiting!

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