Family 1st Friday

What’s the scoop on this Family 1st Friday thing??? (Disclaimer: We really like simple so don’t expect anything too complicated, ok?)

It’s really pretty simple – Family 1st Friday…. Put Family 1st on the 1st Friday of every month. What exactly does that mean? Here is our description of what Family 1st Friday is for us…

We have shared with folks from the beginning that we are a family oriented business – meaning family first and a business second. We know that doesn’t necessarily mesh perfectly with how the business world is commonly viewed. However, let us remind you that sometimes the views of the world around us might not always be right. They might be commonplace but that doesn’t necessarily make them right. In an effort to demonstrate how strongly we feel on this matter, we developed Family 1st Friday.

Family 1st Friday is our attempt to make a statement to our immediate family and the community that our family is first always. Let’s start with the first part – “family 1st”. Even though we’ve started a business, we have to make sure not to lose sight of the most important things like family. It doesn’t matter how successful our business is if our family suffers. Therefore we started with the name of “Family 1st”.

Join us as we celebrate Family 1st the 1st Friday of every month!
Join us as we celebrate Family 1st the 1st Friday of every month!

Now for the second part, “1st Friday”. We mark the first Friday of each month as a way to designate that we are keeping a regular commitment to support a belief that we hold tightly. Let’s back up a bit. We have choices to make in order to make this happen. We can either say we believe family comes first and hope that we remember to schedule it and show it to our kids or we can make a direct stand on the statement. We think it’s best to make deliberate and clear steps to make sure it happens. If we don’t schedule it, it often doesn’t happen. We’ve asked ourselves and been asked by others, “what about the business you lose on that Friday?” or “what about the folks who show up and don’t know about it?” We strongly believe that if something is important it will cost something in some form or fashion. Clearly, a Friday night can be financially advantageous but we are willing to make that sacrifice in an effort to put “Family 1st”. What about the customers who show up and see the sign that says “we’re sorry, we are closed for Family 1st Friday”? Well, we hope it strikes a chord with them and makes them wonder if they are taking measures to make sure their family is important in their lives and we hope they will come back on Saturday to ask us about it.

The time we have is fleeting and if we don’t all take clear and deliberate steps to grab on to as much of it as possible in the crazy world in which we live, the time will surely slip us by.

We encourage each and every one of you to celebrate Family 1st Friday with us! Go and do something special with your family and then come share with us what it was. We will have the butcher paper on the wall ready for the stories. Does it have to be exotic and exciting every time? No. Does it have to be expensive? No. Does it have to involve lots of planning? Not necessarily. Can it involve these things? Sure it could but it doesn’t have to. Just make some plans and your family will thank you and so will the generations that follow.

What you do today affects what your children do tomorrow.


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