Clue #3…

Where’s Queen Bee Landing Next?

Clue #3….

Four days have passed since Clue #1.
Two days have passed since Clue#2.
Here’s the next clue just for you…..

This place is old but it’s also kinda new.
Wait! Even better …… it’s all about you.
We look forward to be a part of this cool place too.

Remember to bring your correct answer to the market on Sat for your free cup of coffee.

Is there anyone out there with some thoughts running through your mind yet???? Don’t spoil the fun but do let us know if you think you might know. We’ll provide a final clue on Saturday morning early and then we’ll reveal the answer on Sunday afternoon on Facebook and our website.

Note: It will not replace any of our current activities or locations where you can purchase our coffees. Just another exciting new opportunity for McDonough and Queen Bee Coffee!

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