Kabum…Temporarily Unavailable

GASP!!! I can almost hear some of you right now gasping with the “Oh NO!” thoughts running through your mind… “What will I do now?”

Well, this is an interesting conundrum we find ourselves in right now. Last season’s crop is gone and this current year’s hasn’t made it here yet. Our partner and source for the fabulous Uganda Kabum beans has run out of inventory. That’s the bad news.

Ready for the good news? Well, of course! The new crop of Kabum beans is on it’s way. They are “on the water”. That means they have been picked, processed, dried, packaged and shipped out from Uganda….literally “on the water” somewhere in between there and here. The initial inspections showed the new crop to be a good one. However, upon arrival the beans will be re-inspected and tested thoroughly before distribution. This helps to ensure what is expected to ship actually ships and arrives in the expected condition.

In the more commercial sides of the coffee industry, supply never really “runs out” because almost everything is a coffee blend that is carefully planned for. The downside is the coffee isn’t near the quality you’ll get from Queen Bee Coffee. I actually like the fact that we can’t get any more Kabum right now. That gives us an “excuse” to get some different inventory on the shelves. Our plans are to get the Kabum back as it becomes available in the near future but for now, we’ll continue to remember the delicious coffee of yesterday and lean forward with anticipation of what is coming around the corner in the near future…..

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