We Are Henry

If you have never seen an issue of We Are Henry magazine, you are missing out!!! It’s a great local magazine that showcases some of the gems of Henry County. In the first few issues, there have been lots of great articles about the community. The photography and articles are incredible – no shortcuts in the production at all!

As part of our Saturday mornings at the Courthouse Square Market, we’ve been fortunate enough to have had a chance to talk with some of the folks from We Are Henry. (It’s really cool at the Market because you never know who will be dropping by at any given time. We all love the casual visits with the community. Come try it, you’ll love it too! It’s about way more than great products, it’s about the people!) We have found that they are truly about the community and initiating connections within the community. So… grab a copy, sit down and read about this great place we all call home.

Click here to see the most current issue. On pages 26-27 of the digital issue is an article titled,  McDonough… Charming and Progressive.  Included in the article is a picture of the ever-changing Courthouse Square Market chalkboard sign on Griffin Street in front of the Chafin Building. If you drive through the downtown McDonough Square and see the sign on the sidewalk, the Market is open!

Come in and see Queen Bee Coffee Company and Flour Power along with all the other local vendors!



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