Welcome to La Campa

There’s not too much to say (there’s too much to say in reality) right now except that as we get closer to the summer, the excitement is building for Queen Bee Coffee Company. We have known the story of our El Corazon coffee for a long time and have wanted to go and meet these people in Honduras who pour their lives into producing the great coffee we roast for you but it seemed so far in the future. As we look at the calendar, we realize the summer will be here soon and we will get that chance. Queen Bee Coffee will be honored to spend some time with the Lenca Indians this summer.

We will sleep in their communities. We will eat their foods. We will work in their villages. We will play games and laugh with their children. We will share God’s love with these people. We will do all we can to share the message of Christ with these people. Our time there will be filled with children’s ministry, adult ministry, construction and as things are looking right now, maybe even a medical mission portion as well! So exciting….

Additionally, we will be scouting for location to drill a well. That’s a very exciting thought as well. We have a couple of ideas but nothing is set firm yet. When we are there, we will get to look over some options (in person and stand right where it could happen) to see what the future looks like for well drilling down there too.

We look forward to seeing this sign for ourselves and being welcomed to La Campa!

Until next time, drink coffee and be well.

Welcome to La Campa

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