Loyalty Cards Are Here!

Check this out – FREE COFFEE!

We are giving you FREE coffee when you buy some! (As our daughter would say, “Whoop! Whoop!”) We used to offer a small discount for buying 2 pounds at a time but that began to not make sense. We’d rather you buy coffee FRESH and not have it sitting on your shelf just because we offered you a small discount. Instead, we asked ourselves, “What if we just offered a Loyalty Card?” Then the idea came to be what you see here. We let you buy it as you need your coffee and we will still reward you for your purchases. We don’t penalize you by only offering a multiple pound purchase – we reward you for buying over and over again.

Buy 10 pounds and get 1 pound FREE!!!
Buy 10 pounds and get 1 pound FREE!!!

On the back of the card, we also ask for a small bit of information like your name, your birth DATE (not your birth year because we’re getting old now) so we can know when to send you a small birthday freebie, your email (to send you the freebie) as well as your favorite coffee(s) list.

This introduction of the Loyalty Card is a super sweet deal for you – a FREE ONE POUND bag of coffee when you buy what you’re already buying anyway!

Thanks for drinking our coffee because when you do, you are helping us to provide wells and water to the thirsty in Central America.

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